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How to effectively manage diesel generating sets

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How to effectively manage diesel generating sets

In the process of contact with customers, the importance of establishing an effective management mechanism for diesel generator sets will be emphasized, but few customers can truly achieve this. Most customers relax their requirements after using them for a period of time. There may not be any hazards inside, but it will not be a good thing in the long run and will cause many unnecessary troubles to customers. Therefore, customers must effectively manage diesel generator sets. The specific management methods are as follows.

1. Diesel generator sets should have a separate motor room, the door is usually locked, and non-workers are prohibited from entering and leaving at will. This can prevent people from entering the engine room from changing the setting state of the generator due to curiosity, such as changing the automatic state to manual or accidentally touching a valve to change the valve state, which will cause unnecessary trouble and avoid affecting the diesel when the power is cut off. The generator set starts normally.

2. The operation and management personnel of diesel generator sets should keep abreast of the condition of the generator set, whether there is a fault, whether each component needs to be cleaned, and whether the level and viscosity of the cooling water, oil, and cleanliness are normal. Only in this way can it be ensured that the diesel generator set can be put into operation at any time when it needs to work.

3. The switch of the diesel generator set should be set to be in the automatic start state at ordinary times, and strive to start operation when the power is interrupted, so as to save the power failure time and reduce the loss.

4. The management personnel of diesel generator sets should have a wealth of knowledge about the generator sets. When the diesel generator sets are not working, they should maintain and inspect the diesel generator sets according to their professional knowledge, and find and eliminate problems in time. If a failure occurs during operation, it must be ensured to make timely and accurate judgments and resolve the failure to restore power.

The above management methods of diesel generator sets should be operated by dedicated personnel, and the use, maintenance, and repair conditions of the diesel generator sets should be recorded, organized and filed for easy viewing when needed. Only the combination of strict management and regular operation can guarantee the high performance of diesel generator sets.

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