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Container generator set


1. Overview of container generator set

YingTai low-noise series generator sets have the advantages of good mute effect, low fuel consumption, good heat dissipation effect, and sufficient power. Domestic or joint venture and imported engine generators of various brands can be selected. Inteck brand YTW series or international brand power generation machine.

The generator set has abundant configuration, beautiful appearance and superior performance, and the noise of 7m is lower than 72dB.

The main products are: KYN28, XGN15 and other series of high-voltage switchgear; GGD AC low-voltage switchgear, low-voltage reactive power compensation device; GCS, MNS, GCK, etc.Series of low-voltage withdrawable switchgear; XL, JXF various series of lighting boxes, power boxes, bus ducts and cable trays, marine electrical equipment, power transformers.

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