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YingTai Development History
Yingtai Group Co., Ltd. is a cross-industry, cross-region, science, industry and trade as one of the enterprise groups, Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprises."Yingtai" brushless generator is one of the top 10 products in the same industry in China and one of the famous brands in Jiangsu Province.Since 1997, Yingtai Group has been one of the top ten enterprises in the field of internal combustion generator equipment in China.
  • 1970
    Jiangdu County Mechanical and Electrical Plant
  • 1993
    Yangzhou Yinda Motor Factory
  • 1994
    Yangzhou Yingtai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
  • 1996
    Jiangsu Yingtai Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
  • 1999
    Yingtai Group Co., Ltd.
YingTai Brand Culture
Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise. Yingtai people constantly surmount the tradition in the changing times, build a strong spiritual pillar and lay the foundation stone for taking off by continuous innovation.Headed by chairman Ma Xianggen tarry, over the years insist on the policy of "to combine, hands hard", actively explore and strive to cultivate and improve the corporate culture, through hard work, meticulous, exert a subtle influence on the corporate culture permeates the company production and operation and the specific work of reform and development, pay attention to cultivate both age characteristic, and conform to the practical spirit of enterprise and the management idea, the formation of good corporate overall values, shaping the corporate image, product image and worker team.
  • Core Value
    A gathering of talents, as powerful as Mount Tai
  • Enterprise Spirit
    Always start a business, climb the peak bravely
  • Business Philosophy
    Products are like character, be human first and then do business
  • Quality Concept
    Quality first, reputation first

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Marketing Work Conference
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Gathering of talents, as powerful as Mount Tai

  • Yingtai Group has gone through 50 years.Summing up the past and looking forward to the future, in cultivating and building corporate culture, Yingtai pays attention to making corporate culture close to corporate goals, providing services for the realization of corporate goals, and cultivating staff through cultural management, so as to promote the sound and rapid development of the enterprise.The team led by Chairman Ma Yangen understands the importance of cultivating a people-oriented corporate culture.

Yingtai Group Co., Ltd. is a multi-industry and multi-regional corporate group, which encompasses technology, industry and trade integrated.

 National High-Tech Enterprise
 China's Internal Combustion Engine Power Station Companies Top 10
 Main Drafting & Revising Company Of Diesel Generator Set National Standard

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