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Deutz diesel generator set


1. Overview of Deutz diesel generator sets

Hebei North China Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (Hua Chai Deutz for short) has introduced BF6M1015 and BF8M1015 series air-to-water chillers BF8L513 and F8L413F series air-cooled engines produced by German Deutz technology to provide another brand engine for land-use diesel generator sets. \"Deutz\" its products have excellent performance, with large power, small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, and emission up to European standards. It can adapt to high altitude (≤5000m), and the power is reduced by 9% per 1000m above the altitude of 1000m. It is more adaptable to the alpine zone. It can start normally without any auxiliary devices at minus 35°C. It is cost-effective and convenient for maintenance. In addition, accessories are universally used in the world and are widely used in various fields such as generator sets, construction machinery, automobiles, and troops. Our company is a strategic partner of Huachai Deutz and a major OEM customer.

2. Advantages

Huachai Deutz diesel generator products have compact structure, reasonable design, reliable and excellent performance, long working life and economical use. In terms of product structure, it has three major product platforms: C, E, and D, with power covering 85-340 horsepower, more than 300 kinds of variants and adaptable products, which can be used for medium and heavy trucks, light vehicles, buses, construction machinery, etc. Provide power products with higher technological content and greater degree of specialization in different fields of demand. Products have a series of significant advantages such as advanced, efficient, reliable, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It has the function of air intake and recirculation, which can well adapt to the plateau and high altitude areas.

3. Features
1. Deutz engine has advanced technology, reasonable design, reliable and excellent performance, and long working life.
2. The emissions of Deutz diesel generators meet the Euro||or Euro||| standard.
3. Equipped with a new type of supercharger, which has the function of air intake recirculation, which can well adapt to the plateau and high altitude areas.
4. Deutz provides quality assurance for the entire series of products.
5. Deutz has built a nationwide professional service network to provide customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.

Four, specifications

Genset ModelMain power (main use)Standby power (standby)Power(A)Power(A)Net Weight (kg)Dimensions
Engine TypeBrand

Huachai DaoyiDEUTZ

Power (KW)Power (KW)No Of CylindersBore/Strokse (mm)Exhaust Cspacity (L)Compression RatioLubricating Capacity (L)Fuel Consumptio (g/kw.h)Type Of GovernorL Liquid coolind capacityEmission leveis

2082316132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2
2282506132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2
2562856132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2
2823146132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2
3103456132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2
3283656132*14511.90616.5:138196Electronic speed control17Country 2


16.5:148196Electronic speed control21Country 2
3884188132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control21Country 2


4598132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control21Country 2
4484908132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control21Country 2
4585098132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control21Country 2
4805308132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control30Country 2
5095608132*14515.87416.5:148196Electronic speed control30Country 2
60037012132*14523.81216.5:154197Electronic speed control30Country 2
66674012132*14523.81216.5:154197Electronic speed control30Country 2

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