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Generator set control panel


1. Overview of generator set control panel

Controller (English name: controller) refers to a master device that changes the wiring of the main circuit or control circuit and changes the resistance value in the circuit according to a predetermined sequence to control the start, speed, brake and reverse of the motor. It is composed of program counter, instruction register, instruction decoder, timing generator and operation controller. It is the \"decision-making body\" that issues orders, that is, it completes the coordination and command of the operation of the entire computer system.
The automatic control of generator sets has gone through three stages: relay control, PLC (programmable logic controller) control and intelligent controller control. From the end of the last century, the intelligent controller composed of microcomputers and electronic components will gradually be controlled. It will be very complicated. The peripheral circuit is integrated into one module, which greatly simplifies the control circuit and improves the reliability. The current controller is approaching a smarter and more humane design in terms of design. There are also some generator manufacturers that produce small gasoline engines. All-in-one, practical and convenient.
Parallel system composition: The grid-connected cabinet is mainly composed of switch, circuit breaker and related control components. Each unit is equipped with a parallel control cabinet. The primary circuit of the grid-connected cabinet, the brand, model and specification of the load switch, and the external structure of the electrical cabinet are as shown in the attached drawings.

Domestic brand manual control panel (basic unit configuration)

1. Provide basic start and stop functions of the unit, and the specific basic configuration and functions as follows

2. Start stop controller

3. Ammeter and selector switch

4. Voltmeter and selector switch

5. Frequency meter (with power factor meter and power meter above 120KW

6. Power supply and power generation instructions and circuit breakers

Automatic load switching screen (ATS)

1. Electrical interlocking switch for three-level and four-level machines

2. Mains, power generation, load status indicator

3. Automatic and manual selection type

4. The screen body is treated by pickling, phosphating and spraying

5. Reserve enough space for input and output cables

6. Automatic switching time, no more than 7 seconds (adjustable)

Joint venture brand diesel engine automatic control panel (unit selection and configuration)

1. The status, failure, display and various failures of the LCD display unit

2. With RS232 or RS485 interface, remote control, remote measurement, remote signaling function

3. The measurement data includes the following:

Engine speedhydraulics pressure

EFICoolant temperature

Cumulative (running time, number of starts and powerDate and time

battery voltageCharger voltage

Generation phase voltageGenerating line voltage

Power generation frequency

Generated current (set appropriate mutual inductance ratio)

Generator output (active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor

Power generation frequency)

Fuel level (%)

Mains phase voltage (AMF)

City wire voltage (AMF)

Mains frequency (AMF)

Manual control panel of joint venture brand diesel engine (standard configuration of unit)

1. Provide basic start and stop functions of the unit, and have the following basic configurations and functions

2. Start stop controller

3. Three-phase AC ammeter (ammeter and selector switch)

4. Voltmeter and selector switch

5. Frequency table

6. Emergency stop switch

7. Controller

Display: battery voltage, frequency, clock, water temperature, oil pressure

Protection: high water temperature, low oil pressure, high/low voltage, high/low frequency

Alarm: overspeed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, charging failure, and sound and light alarm

8. Self-start function without mains (loss of voltage)

9. Automatic/manual/stop selection function

10. Start delay 3-5S can be set)

11. Stop delay (0-270S can be set)

Unattended, independent automatic control panel

Can provide automatic control function and automatic load cut

Replace the independent control cabinet with integrated functions, easy to operate and applicable

Centralized control of electrical equipment.

Fully automatic parallel control panel

1. Multiple units are connected in parallel to form a grid, and the power supply is more reliable.

2. Manual/semi-automatic/automatic two or more parallel functions.

3. Centralized scheduling and load distribution can make maintenance and repair more convenient.

More economical.

4. The unit can be used according to the actual load, saving fuel.

5. The future screen expansion will be more flexible. Can be increased at any time according to the needs of development

Add equipment to meet the increased load.

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