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Demand for electricity in today's highly work-oriented era

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Demand for electricity in today's highly work-oriented era

With the invention of Automatic Transfer Switches, power outages no longer cause serious harm to production, such as hospitals, office buildings, airports, MRT and high-speed railway stations, communication systems, and military facilities.

In order to improve the reliability of the power supply of the power distribution system and shorten the power interruption time and power recovery time due to accidental power outages, more and more designs in today's power distribution systems have adopted the automatic conversion of the control switch \"normal/emergency\" power supply system. To this end, this article will introduce and discuss the latest technology and related applications of automatic transfer switches.

Commonly used generator sets generally need to maintain a certain power when working for more than 12 hours. Such diesel generator sets have relatively high requirements for the power part. Generally, diesel engines such as Cummins and Shangchai are used as power.

In some diesel generator sets for a certain period of time or often need to be continuously operated for a long time to serve as a common power supply for electrical loads, such generator sets are called common generator sets. Commonly used generator sets can be used as common and standby generator sets. Townships, islands, forest farms, mines, oil fields, or industrial and mining enterprises far away from large power grids need to install diesel generators in order to supply local residents with electricity for production and daily life. Such power generation units should be carried out uninterruptedly.

Important facilities such as national defense projects, communication hubs, broadcasting stations, and microwave relay stations should be equipped with standby diesel generator sets. This type of facility can be supplied by the mains power grid when the level is used. However, after earthquakes, typhoons, wars and other natural disasters or man-made factors have damaged the municipal power grid and power outages, the standby units that have been set up should be started quickly, and they should be carried out uninterruptedly for a long time to ensure the use of electricity for these important projects. Continuous power supply of the load, this kind of standby generator set is also a common type of generator set. Commonly used generator sets have a long continuous working time, and the load curve   changes greatly. The unit capacity, number, type selection and the control method of the unit are different from the emergency unit.

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