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Generator set manufacturers teach you how to measure the price of generator sets

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Generator set manufacturers teach you how to measure the price of generator sets

As the temperature rises, some companies immediately face the crisis of power outages. At this time, generator sets have become the reliance on electricity requirements of major factories. How do we measure the price of diesel generator sets? The generator set manufacturers summarize the following aspects:

1. Determine the price of the generator set according to the size of the load or the unit scale of the electricity company to select the generator set of the corresponding power

If the customer does not know how large a generator set is to be purchased, the company's electrician can look at the maximum load current when driving all the equipment. With this current, we can calculate how large a generator set needs to be. Generally, we need to add some capacity when buying a generator set to prevent additional equipment in the future.

2. Judge the price of the generator set based on its low-noise appearance

At present, the appearance of the low-noise generator set determines the price of the generator set to a certain extent. For the new low-noise developed by our company, it is a bit higher than the ordinary low-noise, but this new type of low-noise Both the appearance and the performance are higher than ordinary low noise.

3. Stability and environmental protection determine the price of generator sets

The author often writes articles to warn you not to buy second-hand refurbished diesel generator sets. The reason is that the performance of second-hand equipment is extremely unstable and the environmental protection performance is poor. Some units sometimes run more than 8 hours. If you buy If the generator set cannot be operated under high load, then it will not bring you benefits, and it will not be able to make a lot of money at a good time. If it strikes suddenly, it will be a \"tragedy on earth\", not only has to pay a large maintenance fee It will also delay normal operations. At the same time, more and more electricity users will pay attention to environmental protection performance, reduce harmful gas emissions, and be beneficial to human health.

The length of the life of diesel generator sets is not only necessary for regular scientific and regular maintenance, but also for correct use. There are also particular concerns about when the generator set runs on load. The generator manufacturer is now communicating with you.

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