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How to find the oil leakage point in the diesel generator set pipeline

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How to find the oil leakage point in the diesel generator set pipeline

Oil leakage from diesel generator sets is a huge hazard. However, most of the fuel supply system of diesel generator sets uses soft hoses. During the use of the unit, the hoses are easy to rub against the surrounding parts, and in the long run, they are easy to wear and cause oil leakage. It is not so easy to find the oil leakage point. Today, Yingtai summarized several methods to teach you how to find the oil leakage point in the diesel generator set pipeline.

Method 1: Exhaust the air in the oil circuit of the diesel generator set, then start the set, and find out where the diesel is leaking.

Method 2: Loosen the bleed screw of the fuel injection pump of the diesel generator set to extract oil from the hand oil pump. If a large amount of oil is discharged from the bleed screw and the bubbles still do not disappear after repeated hand pumps, it can be determined that it is between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. There is a leak in the low pressure oil circuit. This section of the pipeline should be removed, and pressurized gas should be introduced and placed in the water. The leak is the place where bubbles are found.

In addition to the problems of diesel generator set pipelines, various gaskets at pipeline joints may also cause leaks due to improper installation, deformation, aging and damage. Before carrying out detailed inspection of the pipeline, these nodes should be inspected first.

If you still can’t find the oil leakage point of the diesel generator set after the above inspections, you can check a section of the hard oil pipe outside the fuel tank and block it after finding the oil leakage point, but if it is an oil leakage point If it is too large, Intech recommends you to replace the new tubing.

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