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Introduction of Diesel Generator Set Automation Controller Function

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Introduction of Diesel Generator Set Automation Controller Function

With the continuous development of automation units, the logic circuit control composed of relay control and separate electronic components is gradually eliminated. Although PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) has stable performance, convenience and flexibility, it is still the main force of automatic unit controllers. However, it has the insurmountable defects that the peripheral circuit is complicated, and the logic judgment circuit of voltage, rotation speed, oil pressure, water temperature and oil temperature and port expansion relay are needed. Scientific development has promoted the birth of professional controllers for automated units. Professional controllers are quickly popularized and applied due to their flexible use, simple peripheral circuits, and strong professionalism.

The professional controller is based on the microprocessor. It inputs the generator voltage, diesel engine speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, overcurrent, short circuit and other signals into the microcomputer system through sampling and conversion to realize the self-starting and self-starting of the diesel generator set. Input and various fault protection alarm functions.

The controller is mainly composed of three parts: (1) Motor control part, which mainly includes voltage regulator, overload, short circuit protection unit and voltage regulator. (2) The diesel engine control part is mainly composed of start-up and shutdown operations, electronic regulators and liquid crystal display modules to monitor the working status of the diesel engine. (3) The microcomputer control part, which is the core of the automatic control of the diesel generator set, is mainly composed of the host control unit, signal detection unit, power drive unit, parameter display unit and power supply unit.

The main functions of the professional controller control system are as follows:

1) There are three operating modes: automatic, manual and experimental.

2) Real-time monitoring of the phase (line) voltage, current, frequency, speed, power, temperature, pressure, etc. of the generator and the municipal network without external instruments. It can alarm in real time for over-speed, low oil pressure, high water temperature, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-frequency, under-frequency, over-current, short circuit, start and other faults.

3) It can be adjusted automatically by comparing the output voltage and frequency of the unit with the set value, without the need for an external voltage and frequency controller.

4) It can automatically maintain the quasi-start state of the unit.

5) Able to realize the emergency start and self start of the unit

6) It can realize automatic switching between diesel generator set and mains

7) It has a programmable fault input port, which can freely program fault types, alarms and related parameters.

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