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The difference between land diesel generator set and marine diesel generator set

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The difference between land diesel generator set and marine diesel generator set

As we all know, diesel generator sets can be divided into land diesel generator sets and marine diesel generator sets. It is obvious that the difference between the two is the location of use. In addition to the different locations of use, what are the differences between land-based and marine generators? What? Today, Tamron Power will give you a specific explanation.

1. The difference between land-use generator sets and marine generator sets is that they are used in different locations. Marine generator sets are used on ships, such as Chuanjiang ships, bulk carriers, cruise ships, engineering ships, yachts, etc. Land-use generator sets are used on non-ships, such as shopping malls, hospitals, mines, railways, etc.

2. The testing requirements are different. Land-use generator sets have no national mandatory regulations, and the quality can be said to be mixed. However, the requirements for ship machines are strict. Before use, they must be inspected by CCS or other foreign classification societies before they can be used on the ship. The requirements are different for each international classification society.

3. The unit configuration is different. Introduce the configuration of the land-use generator set: control panel, battery, chassis fuel tank, rain cover, silent box, etc.; the configuration of the marine generator set: remote instrument, parallel device, double-layer high-pressure oil pipe, etc. The current ship inspection requirements are becoming more and more stringent .

4. The cooling method of the unit is different. Land-use generator sets are generally fan-cooled, and marine generator sets are generally fresh water pump heat exchangers. However, the emergency crew on board has the same heat dissipation method as the land-based crew.

5. The qualifications of manufacturers are different. Those that can produce marine units can produce land-based units, but most of the land-based units that can produce them cannot produce marine units. Any manufacturer must pass the factory form approval of the classification society before it can produce marine units.

Due to the many differences between land-use diesel generator sets and marine diesel generator sets, this shows that the two are used differently and confusingly. Therefore, when customers choose diesel generator sets, they must first tell the manufacturer where you are using them. An unsuitable unit is selected.

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