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Xiao Ji's first biographies of local entrepreneurs are officially released

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Xiao Ji's first biographies of local entrepreneurs are officially released

On December 26, the first biographies of local entrepreneurs in Xiaoji Town, \"The Story of Ma Xianggen-Ma Xianggen\" and a seminar were held in Yangzhou Art Museum. Author and former director of the Book Editing and Publishing Center of Xinhua News Media Group, Wang Huiqi presided over the event.

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Gao Yijian, Chairman of the Provincial Association for the Promotion of Chinese Culture, Zhao Changzhi, Chairman of the Yangzhou Cultural Research Association, former Standing Committee Member of the CPC Yangzhou Municipal Committee, and Minister of the Propaganda Department, Wang Zhengyu, Vice Chairman of the Provincial State-owned Enterprise Development and Reform Research Association, and former Deputy Director of the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission; Chairman and former deputy inspector of the Provincial Department of National Security Zhu Xiaojun, poet and former consultant of the Nanjing Writers Association Feng Yitong, expert on literature and history, former vice president of Nanjing Museum, and vice chairman of Wang Zengqi Research Association Jin Shiqiu, and Jiangdu District Committee Member and Minister of Propaganda Department Gu Ming Dynasty, Xiaoji Town Party Committee Secretary Li Xiangyang, District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau Director Ji Jin, Yangzhou Art Museum Director and former Jiangdu Tourism Bureau Director Liang Mingyuan and other relevant leaders and guests from all walks of life attended.

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Gu Ming, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangdu District Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, expressed in his speech that he hoped that the publication and distribution of this book could drive the creation of more works on Jiangdu’s local themes, sing the main theme, spread positive energy, and build a \"strong, rich, beautiful, high\" new Jiangdu contributed positive efforts.

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Gao Yijian

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Zhao Changzhi

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Wang Zhengyu

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Zhu Xiaojun

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Feng Yitong

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Wang Yiyun

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Guan Yunlin

WeChat picture_20210108161428

Jin Shiqiu

WeChat picture_20210108161503

Zhang Houqing

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Sun Dexi

WeChat picture_20210108161540

Ding Zhifang

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Wan Jun

At the seminar, the participating writers, critics, and editors gave a high evaluation to this biographical work, thinking that \"Xiao Ji is not young, old horse knows the way\". The biography master Ma Xianggen is hardworking, kind-hearted, righteous, and vigorous. It is the continuation of the spirit of justice and the epitome of the times. The biographical creation has far-reaching significance, portraying the characters vividly and three-dimensionally, and the writing is warm and deep. \"Striking the Water\" is not only full of the spirit of the Grand Canal, which is endless and struggling, but also has a strong rustic flavor. It is simple and tasteful, and there are twists and turns in the plain. It is a long-lasting and readable biography.

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Letter of thanks from Secretary Li

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Ma Xianggen

At the end of the event, Li Xiangyang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiaoji Town, Ma Xianggen, Biography and Chairman of Yingtai Group, and Hua Shanxiang, the author and Vice Chairman of Xiaoji Town Federation of Literary and Art Circles, gave thanks. Secretary Li said that our town will take this event as an opportunity, as always, as an enterprise to warm up the enterprise \"dian second\", and play a good job of benefiting enterprises and helping enterprises\"combination boxing\", so that the story of entrepreneurs will be more exciting and let The spirit of entrepreneurs is always passed on.

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