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How to make your diesel generator set more fuel efficient?

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How to make your diesel generator set more fuel efficient?

Everyone knows how to make your car fuel-efficient, but how to make your diesel generator set more fuel-efficient? Have you mastered other skills?

How to save diesel fuel, teach you the following points, you will know:

1. Increase the temperature of diesel engine cooling water. The increase in water temperature can make the diesel more complete combustion, the oil viscosity of the diesel generator set will be small, can reduce the movement resistance, can achieve the fuel saving effect.

2. Maintain the best oil supply angle. If the fuel supply angle is offset, the fuel supply time will be too late and fuel consumption will increase significantly.

3. Ensure that the machine does not leak oil. Diesel engine oil pipelines often have leaks due to uneven joint surfaces, deformation of gaskets or damaged surfaces. The solution is to coat the gasket with valve paint, place it on the glass plate and grind it flat, and align the oil pipe joints. The diesel oil recovery device is added, and the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle can be connected with the hollow screw with a plastic pipe to make the oil return flow into the oil tank.4. Purify the oil before use. More than half of diesel engine failures are caused by the fuel supply system. The treatment method is to store the purchased diesel oil for 2-4 days before use, which can precipitate 98% of impurities. If you buy it now, you can put two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper on the fuel tank filter.

5. Change the \"big horse-drawn trolley\" to appropriately increase the diesel engine pulley, and increase the speed of the water pump when the diesel engine is running at a reduced speed, so that the flow rate and head are increased, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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