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 Yingtai Group Co., Ltd. is a cross-industry, cross-regional, science, industry and trade enterprise group, a national high-tech enterprise, the main drafting and revision unit of the national standard for diesel generator sets, the technical committee unit of the mobile power station of the China Electrotechnical Society, and China Mobile Power Station Standardizer unit, technical committee unit of China Data Center, national emergency product reserve base. \"Yingtai\" trademark is a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province, \"Yingtai\" brand brushless generator is a famous brand product of Jiangsu Province, \"yingtai\" brand generator set market share ranks among the best in the industry in the country.

 National high-tech enterprise

 Top Ten Chinese Internal Combustion Engine Power Plant Companies

 Main drafting and revision unit of national standards for diesel generator sets

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The company's main products are: generators, generator sets (diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, gas), high and low voltage switchgear, high-end automotive trim parts, various engineering machinery and automotive radiators.
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Yingtai Group Co., Ltd.: generators, diesel generator sets
Yangzhou Wanda Radiator Co., Ltd.: Internal combustion engine radiator
Yangzhou Jingtai Surface Finishing Co., Ltd.: Automotive Finishing Parts
Jiangsu Jinyingtai Latex Products Co., Ltd.: Latex products
Jiangsu Yingtai Vacuum Glass Research Institute Co., Ltd.: Vacuum Glass
16 wholly-owned subsidiaries of Intech Group
96 technical service stations nationwide + 11 overseas service stations

Diversified Development of Intech Group
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People-oriented, recruit talented people
A gathering of talents, as powerful as Mount Tai
A gathering of talents, as powerful as Mount Tai
Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center
Wind-solar hybrid power generation system in Jiangsu Province
Engineering Technology Research Center
Electric Vehicle Drive Technology Research Center
Engineering technology research of Yangzhou generator set
Scientific research, excellence and innovation

Strict management system

Intelligent manufacturing, creating the future

Intelligent manufacturing, creating the future

Big data cloud intelligence
Intech Services Globalization

Big Data Cloud Intelligence Globalization
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Yingtai Group Co., Ltd. is a multi-industry and multi-regional corporate group, which encompasses technology, industry and trade integrated.

 National High-Tech Enterprise
 China's Internal Combustion Engine Power Station Companies Top 10
 Main Drafting & Revising Company Of Diesel Generator Set National Standard

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